ARIS company

Established in 1992, ARIS has now been providing services to the leading motor transportation and shipping companies throughout Europe and Asia for over 20 years.

Today, ARIS employs more than 2000 people and has created an extensive geographical network of modern petrol stations. In cooperation with our partners, the leading European refuelling and servicing companies for  cargo motor transport, we offer road transport companies the most extensive network of petrol stations — conveniently located  and easily accessible to trucks.

On the highways from China to Portugal, you can access all of our basic services with a single ARIS card. These services include refuelling, payment of road tolls, protected parking and other services necessary for you on the road.

Over the past 20 years ARIS has created an extensive geographical network of modern petrol stations. We are pleased to provide extensive discounts within our network on a full range of services, offered on an individual basis. At present, ARIS’s own petrol stations are located in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and every year we expand our network.

Now autocarriers from more than 20 countries work with our offices in countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. For addresses and telephone numbers of our offices and representatives, please look under our "Contacts" page.

In an effort to even better serve our customers, our future plans include building of specialized refuelling and service stations for international cargo motor transport drivers that can accept simultaneously more than 150 lorries.

Our motto: Reliability above all!

Our offer

The ARIS card allows you to do much more than simply pay for fuel in the most extensive network of petrol stations in Europe. The benefits of an ARIS card include:
1. The return of VAT or Net invoicing in all countries of the EU
2. Free access to the online transaction database
3. The ability to pay for toll motorways within the EU, Russia, and Belarus
4.  A unique opportunity to join the ARIS Cargo freight exchange program free of charge and regularly receive cargo offers from reliable suppliers customized to your needs
5. Full range of services at ARIS-owned service spots for cargo motor transport located on highways M-9 and M-10 in Russia (services include an attended car park, truck tire fitting, shower, laundry, store and restaurant).