Paid parking

With ARIS card you can pay for parking to use washes for trucks and receive discounts on services at ARIS truckpoints in Russia.

CodeStation nameCountryMotorwayLocationServices
12729petrol station № 10RussiaM18/E105797 km of motorway St.Petersburg-Murmansk, Pushnoy village, turn to Belomorsk, 60 m from M18, Kareliaparking
12730petrol station № 12RussiaМ9616,5 km of motorway Moscow-Riga, Zasitino village, Latvian border, check-point, Pskovskaya obl.parking
5574PodvorieRussiaМ11Valday, Zimogorie village, 388 km + 300 m of motorway Moscow - Saint Petersburg, right sideonly parking
5573Podvorie-2RussiaМ9467 km of motorway Moscow - Rigaonly parking
12744petrol station № 29RussiaМ9227 km of motorway Moscow - Riga, Rzev parking

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