The international network of petrol stations ARIS.

The ARIS card allows you to obtain services anywhere within our network of ARIS petrol stations. Our petrol stations provide motor transport clients with quality diesel fuel and allow them to settle their bills with the ARIS credit card and firm coupons.

After 20 years in the motor cargo business, more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia now offer the services of the ARIS network. On highways from China to Portugal, clients of our network can use only a single card. The ARIS card allows our clients to never need to use cash payments for refuelling of cargo motor transport and buses.

The majority of petrol stations in the ARIS network have supervised parking, modern car-care centres, saunas, shops, cafes, and points of currency exchange, long-distance communication facilities, and more.
In case of emergency, round-the-clock ARIS customer service allows you instantly block or disable use of an ARIS card via text message.

ARIS has its own network of petrol stations. These stations together with the petrol stations of our strategic partners are combined in a discount network through which we are ready to offer individual discounts to our clients. The stations belonging to a discount network are indicated in red on the ARIS network maps found in the driver's guide and online.

ARIS aspires to provide competitive prices for fuel and offers three forms of payment: advance payment, credit, and payment upon receipt. Individual discounts within the discount network depend on the chosen form of payment and volume of refuellings. You can receive details about the individual discounts we offer at our nearest office.
ARIS has prepared a special program to provide maximum fuel savings for the client. This program extends to all of the petrol stations marked on the ARIS maps with a rectangle and includes all stations within the discount network. This new program allows the customer to:
  analyze in real time their own transactions on the customer page of the ARIS website
  set daily limits for each fuel card or on all cards at once
  set daily limits on refuelling at any petrol station for obtaining the optimal price
  set a limit on each card for any truck on the rout, allowing you to set limits on the driver's spending and avoid overspending your funds
  have the right balance of payments for fuel at any time.

In order to increase the number of petrol stations in our network, ARIS has engaged strategic partners within Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Since partners accept payment for refuelling at their petrol stations exclusively by means of chip cards, ARIS has released a new fuel card with traditional magnetic stripe and chip. This new card has substantially expanded the geographical locations for refuelling for ARIS clients

For clients paying in cash or by means of credit card or bankcard, ARIS offers a special discount card that allows you to receive significant rebates on fuel at all petrol stations in the ARIS discount network. You can receive this card free of charge at any ARIS company office.

In addition,
the ARIS card also allows you to pay tolls in Belarus, Poland and Russia.

ARIS provides 24h information support for drivers . Call our hotline operators at +7 812 347 93 44, +7 812 458 90 54, +7 921 911 20 20, +7 964 342 16 66.