Prices and discounts

ARIS has a network of own petrol stations. These petrol stations together with the petrol stations of our strategic partners are allocated in a preferential or discount network in which we are ready to give to you individual discounts. On the maps ARIS network in driver's guide and in Internet the petrol station of a discount network are marked by red color.

As a whole on ARIS network we offer the prices not above the current prices for the petrol stations in each concrete country. Recalculation of the prices and calculation of the sums for payment is made strictly on the basis of exchange rates of the central bank of that country where refuelling was carried out. 
Current exchange rates for last 30 days are on a regular basis published on our site (see the link "Local currency rates" near to a map of the ARIS network in each country or region).
ARIS company aspires to provide competitive prices for fuel and offers three forms of payment: an advance payment, crediting, payment on the fact within two working days. Individual discounts for a preferential network depend on the chosen form of payment and volume of refuellings. You can receive the detailed information on individual discounts at our nearest office.

Below the current prices of the petrol station on the countries  are given (link to the list of current prices by click on the name of the country).
In the column Discount the countries in which operate the petrol stations of a preferential network are noted.

 The countryDiscounts VAT  %Currency
Austria Austria 20EUR
Belarus Belarus20BYR
Belgium BelgiumAustria21EUR
Bosnia Bosnia17BAM
Czechia Czechia21CZK
Czechia Germany19EUR
Estonia Estonia20EUR
Spain Spain21EUR
France France20EUR
Croatia Croatia25HKN
Hungary Hungary
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Latvia Latvia
Moldova Moldova
The Netherlands The Netherlands
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Romania Romania
Slovakia Slovakia
Slovenia Slovenia
Ukraine Ukraine20UAH
Russia Russia, Center20RUR
Russia Russia, North-West20RUR
Russia Russia, East20RUR
Russia Russia, South20RUR
Russia Russia, Siberia, West20RUR
Russia Russia, Siberia, East20RUR
Russia Russia, Kaliningrad 20RUR