VAT return

Across all European Union countries that accept the ARIS card, EU residents can be refunded VAT for the paid fuel. You can look VAT rates for the fuel in the table below.

For non-residents of EU we offer VAT refunds from France, Belgium, Luxembourgh, Austria and Netherlands.

You can calculate the cost of fuel in the region with VAT:

 VAT %CurrencyNet invoices
for EU residents
VAT refund
 for non-EU residents
Austria Austria20EUR++
Belarus Belarus20BYR
Belgium Belgium21EUR++
Bosnia Bosnia17BAM
Bulgaria Bulgaria20BGN+
Czechia Czechia20CZK+
Czechia Germany19EUR+
Estonia Estonia20EUR+
Spain Spain21EUR+
France France20EUR++
Croatia Croatia25HKN
Hungary Hungary27HUF+
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan12KZT
Lithuania Lithuania21EUR+
Luxembourg Luxembourg17EUR++
Latvia Latvia21EUR
The Netherlands Netherlands21EUR++
Poland Poland23PLZ+
Romania Romania19ROL+
Slovakia Slovakia20EUR+
Slovenia Slovenia22EUR+
Sweden Sweden25SEK+
Ukraine Ukraine20UAG
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan20UZS
Russia Russia20RUR